The relationship between Productivity, Well-Being and Quality at LOBA

In a world that increasingly demands professionals capable of responding quickly and sometimes simultaneously to various requests, it becomes difficult to maintain focus and, consequently, productivity levels.

Productivity is related to the quantity and quality of tasks produced in a certain period of time and the resources that were used during the process. This concept is related to high performance in the organizational environment and efficiency in the delivery of results.

However, high production should not be mistaken for high productivity. Being more productive at work does not imply spending every minute of the day working or even working overtime regularly to meet deadlines. Working yourself to exhaustion will only make you more tired and, consequently, less productive.

To make a good management of the working day, we can resort to this scheme, which helps to divide the tasks by priorities.

To be more productive, it is important to set goals and manage time well. Having said that, these are some points that should be taken into consideration to increase productivity:

Set priorities

Not all tasks are equally important or urgent, so it is necessary to identify priorities and rank tasks accordingly.

With this strategy in mind, at LOBA we use the Zoho Projects tool to identify tasks and arrange their priority. This way, we can manage our working day according to what is most urgent, having a support tool that helps us organise our work and relieves the pressure of constantly thinking about pending tasks. 

Scheduling tasks

Scheduling tasks is also important to increase productivity, as it provides greater control over everything we must do during our working day. 

At LOBA, we use the Production Map, a tool that allows the scheduling of tasks and the definition of their duration. It allows us to make medium-term planning, something essential in our work, understand the scheduled projects and the time available for each technician.

The Production Map also allows us to understand the time spent on each task, which helps us to have a more realistic notion of productivity levels. 

External conditions and organization

Having a comfortable chair, a clean desk and a tidy space - be it our external surroundings or the computer itself, with all folders and files properly organized - help improve our well-being and productivity. 
On the other hand, the more organized we are, the easier it is to access the material we need and, consequently, the more productive we will be.

At LOBA, we guarantee our employees the best spaces and all the necessary conditions so that we can do our work in the best possible way.

Take Breaks

Breaks are essential to increase productivity, and the lack of them can lead to physical and mental exhaustion that impair performance. 
In fact, sometimes you just need a break to "stretch your legs" or drink a coffee to feel more relaxed, motivated and even more able to find solutions to problems that we could not solve before.

At LOBA, we provide pleasant moments of pause, whether it is for a coffee, a snack in the kitchen or even to sunbathe on the balcony of our Oliveira de Azeméis office.

Productivity at work is necessary for companies to meet their goals and be more competitive. However, it also brings benefits on a personal level, as it allows employees to achieve their goals and feel more accomplished.

At LOBA we care about the happiness and satisfaction of our people. Thus, we promote planning, organization and a good working environment, so that we all become more productive. More productivity translates into better results, more quality in our work and, of course, more satisfied customers. 

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