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European Climate Pact: My World, My Action, Our Planet

Launched in december 2020, the European Climate Pact is premised on the fact that each of us has the capacity to help build a more sustainable future. This initiative invites all participants to make pledges and will put together a platform to share stories, solutions and suggestions.

Based on its track record of implementing European projects such as Bioways, Biovoices, Biobridges, LIFT, Transition2Bio, among others, LOBA was the Portuguese institution selected to coordinate the activities of the European Climate Pact in our country. The initiative’s activities run until the end of 2022 and are part of the European Green Deal.

The European Climate Pact aims to inform, inspire and promote cooperation between people, organizations and other civil society actors in the context of actions that support the climate and the environment.

At LOBA we will, thus, develop a set of activities focused on raising awareness among different audiences about climate change and other environmental issues. Part of the work involves the definition of different audiences, depending on their sensitivity to these themes, as well as the identification and involvement of public figures and entities that will give their face to this cause and the subsequent organization of events.

The initiative extends to all countries of the European Union, and Portugal is part of the southern cluster with Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Italy and Greece.

Our versatility was a distinctive factor in choosing our company to lead the activities of the European Climate Pact in Portugal. Our experience in similar initiatives, namely in awareness campaigns for citizens within the scope of European Projects and our project management capacity, were crucial for us to be, now, ahead of this project.

We all know that saving the planet is urgent, but this seems to be a difficult and complex task, especially if we think that our individual impact can be very small. However, the change starts there – in our little world. At work, at home, at school or on the street. We are small, but we are also millions, and if each one of us adopts small changes in our daily lives, the impact produced on the planet will be significant.

Thus, LOBA is proud to join an initiative with such an impact not only on our lives, but on the life of our planet

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