How to create a social media winning strategy with LOBA

When we communicate a brand, it is essential to know who we want to target, and from there formulate the strategy to follow and which channels to adopt, including social media. 

Designing personas that allow us to understand our customer’s needs, behaviors, habits and ambitions is also an essential step to defining our communication strategy and mapping out the potential buyer digital journey.

One of the most common mistakes that many brands do, is to think that the more social media accounts they have, the better results they’ll get, which is not true. On the other hand, the brands who often bet on several social media channels tend to replicate the same editorial line in all the accounts, which is another mistake. We should bet only on the channels where our audience is, and for every channel develop a distinct content strategy. Otherwise, the lack of user interaction in our posts won’t be surprising.

More than following the digital marketing rulebooks or the ideas sold by the ‘gurus’, the best way to obtain knowledge about the different social media channels is using the platforms. Those who have never used social media, explored the different functionalities and put themselves in the position of a consumer, will be more limited from a content creator point of view, resulting in more difficulties achieving KPIs. Whether our goal is to gain awareness from a brand or increase sales, we can achieve a better balance between investments in online advertising and the potential of free tools if we know the platforms well. 

There are several examples of brands that manage to have a striking digital presence and generate buzz frequently, without having to invest large sums in advertising. Ryanair's communication, particularly on TikTok, is one of the most flagrant examples. The brand focuses on taking advantage of the app's trends and is thus gaining fans and potential customers all over the world.


Wendy’s, a fast-food chain from the United States, also has a strong presence on every social media, especially on twitter, where they have a relaxed and fun style of communication and foster interaction with followers and other brands. 


Lastly, and on a national level, we have brands such as Control that, on Facebook, bets on simple publications, following the meme logic, and manages to generate buzz around the brand and its humorous content.


When it comes to content creation, at LOBA we share ideas and brainstorm with our team, in order to put ourselves on the customer's side and therefore be able to develop content targeted at him. 

One of our social media projects is the brand Sr. Bacalhau, in which we invest in a relaxed communication, aligned with the portuguese tradition of eating cod, one of the most representative elements of our cuisine. We create funny dynamics and involve our target audience in a light and humorous way. 




Our young and dynamic team is an advantage in ROYAL SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES case, since our ages are closer to the school’s target and, thus,  more aware of their behavior on social media. On the other hand, we also have to communicate for the decision-makers - the student’s parents - so we harness the inputs from our ‘lobatic’ parents that fit in with our target audience to create content. We also develop content for a B2B audience on Linkedin - without leaving aside the fun, relaxed and educational personality of the brand. 



At LOBA we work with a versatile Digital Marketing team that is experienced in the use of platforms and keen consumers of social media content, always on the lookout for new trends in order to bring the best results for our clients. 

It’s one of the youngest teams in the company, and that's not a coincidence - we are capable of bringing fresh ideas and distinct content that, combined with the experiences of the senior profiles, help deliver excellent customer experiences to our client’s customers.

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