For multi-dimensional brands, multimedia agencies: The successful partnership between GROHE and LOBA

The path of digitalization for brands taken over the past 15 years received a brutal boost in 2020. The pandemic and the need to stay connected with consumers, in an attempt to overcome the constraints of distance and confinement, were the reasons behind the massive digitalization of businesses. 

Even traditional companies, more resistant to change, started to look attentively  at the possibility of providing services and communicating online. With this, the digital world evolved faster.

But, after months of remote interaction and all the learning that resulted, the post-pandemic has reminded us - and perhaps even reinforced - that, as great as today's digital experiences are, for most businesses, nothing virtual compares to the direct, physical interaction between consumers, brands, and products.

As much as we can see a listing of features of a product online, or even photos and videos of a location, the possibility to touch and feel "in loco" is much more interesting and captivating, and has greater potential to encourage sales.

It became more evident, then, that companies and brands need to combine online and offline communication in its multiple dimensions and media, thus achieving the expected consistency of the consumer's experience with the brand, both physically and digitally.

At LOBA, besides having structured teams in several areas such as Design, Branding or Web and Software Development, which allow us to develop multimedia communication projects, we are also inspired by the "CX" concept: the "Customer Experience". 

That's why we are able to support big brands in the most diverse challenges, and, in particular, those that require know-how in integrated communication, or 360º communication.


A recent example of this work occurred at a product presentation on a premium outdoor event, organized in partnership with our client GROHE, a world-class manufacturer of faucets and bath systems, and Immopo, developer of the luxury real estate development Ocean Terrace, currently under construction in Leça da Palmeira.

This event was a huge success in promoting and enhancing the brands, and these results were only possible due to assertive and comprehensive project management that included:

  • Visiting the site and analyzing the characteristics of space, structures and existing equipment.
  • Aligning ideas with the organizer about how they intended to make the event more dynamic, how many people would be present, how the invitation would be made and how the interaction with the public would be carried out.
  • Determining with GROHE which would be the "star" product, the concept for the action and the brand involvement during the action.
  • Developing all the communicational materials for the brand promotion.

Scheduling and monitoring the delivery and timely assembly of equipment, to ensure that the visitor/consumer experience on the day of the event was up to the quality and prestige of the brands.


With a effective preparation, the LOBA team managed to develop and materialize the most varied supports for the promotion of the event and the partnership between the two brands, GROHE and Ocean Terrace:

  • We developed a banner for the digital newsletter that was sent to a previously selected database.
  • We created a landing page with information about the event and a registration form (mandatory for all those interested in the event).
  • The success rate of registrations from the landing page was above average. Then, we made the entire list available to the organizers, to facilitate the registration of guests on the day of the event.



Regarding the promotion of the GROHE product and its main concept - Sustainability - we developed and delivered: 

  • 8-page brochures with a detailed description of the product featured at the event;
  • A large-format panel, with an image and slogan specially designed for the space, securely applied and highlighted in pre-existing supports on-site. 
  • A decorated countertop unit, designed and built from scratch for the event, with a GROHE Blue Pure faucet and a GROHE sink installed. Thanks to the prior organization of everyone involved, it was possible to have a water point, allowing the Blue Pure faucet to provide drinking water like the one that is normally used in kitchens, and demonstrating this product and GROHE's innovative sustainable concept in the best possible way.



I have no doubt that challenges of this kind, accomplished in such a short time, are only successfully met with experienced, dynamic professionals and teams who are well equipped with material and human resources that master multiple competencies.

At LOBA, we have the right people to recreate, interpret and communicate any brand, even a century-old multinational brand like GROHE, which has an investment in image, positioning and communication of great value. This activity that we develop in partnership with the brand illustrates the capacity we have to manage the entire strategy and visual identity already developed in an agile, effective and consistent manner, in all media and advertising, whether physical or digital.


Because in today's world, brands only grow if they are multidimensional.

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